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How to configure the hAp lite under main router

Wed Aug 14, 2019 9:18 pm


I am beginner with no experience with Mikrotik devices.
I would ask for help how to configure in network.

Main router in network is and have a DHCP.
This router have also VLAN's - my interest is with 192.168.101.x
There I would enable Mikrotik hAp lite RB941-2nD (14 pcs. total)

My devices will connect to this devices via Wifi (raspberry pi zero).
In main router I will also give static IP [192.168.101.x] for Raspberries MAC's.
Every device will have the same Wifi SSID and Passoword. I would configure just one and make a backup to restore on the rest of devices.
Interface after login in Winbox is too complicated for me. I don't clearly know which IP should I leave ( or o just DHCP?).
I also don't understand clearly about bridges, etc.

Thanks a lot for every help.

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