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Simple non internet Wireless acess point

Wed Aug 14, 2019 9:36 pm

Hello All,

i'm trying to setup a routerboard wAP ac as a simple acess point, i will explain my situation so you can understand my problem.

i'm a stage lighting technician that wants to add a wireless acess point to the lighting network of my venue, i have asked the rental company that we work with to supply me an acces point that i can setup, they have given me the Routerboard wAP ac to use for this but i have no real kownledge of the mikrotik system. i have looked through the manual and found out how to connect to the routerboard using Winbox but that is about it.

what i'm trying to achieve best case scenario is an acess point that is connected to the lighting network(wich consists of unmanaged switches, lighting consoles & node's) through the RJ45 port, i then want to connect with my phone/laptop/tablet/whatever through wifi and control the lighting console and node with their respective remote management software's. ideally all devices connected over the rj45 port will be given an ip-adress manualy in the - 100 range(this is the common ip range used for these netoworks) any device that conects over wifi(5g) is then assigned a ip adress through DHCP in the remaining - 255 range. that is all that the acess point should do.

Could anyone please guide me through how i would set this up?
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Re: Simple non internet Wireless acess point

Wed Aug 14, 2019 10:41 pm

1. Remove default config.
2. Add a bridge
3. Add app ports on this bridge (ether1, wlan1, wlan2)
4. Set IP on bridge.
5. Setup dhcp-server to give IP 101-254
6. Set wlan1 and wlan2 as ap bridge and set password you want!
7. Set a password for your router
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