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Why is the data usage difference appearing?

Wed Aug 14, 2019 9:47 pm


this script ... via-email/

sends me the daily usage via email. Looks fine so far. But I can see a difference in the data transmission. I’ve been following it and it’s noticeable.
To my RB3011 I have a Fritzbox switched which also calculates the data transmission.

WAN-->fritzbox-->LAN1-->eth1-Mikrotik. eth1 from MT functions as DHCP-Client.

Yesterday it transmitted around 14GB on my Mikrotik, the Fritzbox showed 68GB received Data.
In consideration it should be acceptable (my son downloaded a game on his Xbox which was around 60GB big).
Yesterday it was a huge deviation though. The strange thing here is, that if the Xbox isn’t being used both of the values are pretty much the exact same.
Where can I find a solution to get to the bottom of this problem?

/ip firewall print
0  ;;; WAN_1_OUT
     chain=forward action=passthrough out-interface-list=WAN log=no log-prefix=""

 1 ;;; WAN_1_IN
     chain=forward action=passthrough in-interface-list=WAN log=no log-prefix=""

/ip route print
#      DST-ADDRESS        PREF-SRC        GATEWAY            DISTANCE
0 ADS                               1
1 ADC    WAN-eth1                  0
2 ADC    br-lan                    0
3 ADC    v10-gast                  0
4 ADC    v12-kinderlan             0
5 ADC    v13-infotain              0
6 ADC    v14-voice                 0
7 ADC    v20-xbox                  0
Regards Stephan

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