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New User Questions

Fri Aug 23, 2019 4:58 am

First post !

OK, so I've purchased an hEX S, an hap ac2, and an RB260GSP. I've never worked with managed switches/routers before so it's a bit of a steep learning curve.

We are looking at installing a community fiber project, and it looks as thought some of the Mikro Tik products might fit. I'm using a Netgear R6700V2 router. It'll be the last thing I swap out if I can come to grips with RouterOs:)

I've setup the hex s and the hap ace as access points/switches using bridge mode in Quick Set. I changed the IP address to my subnet, and set the gateway my R6700. I'm having the same issue on both these units.
1. Can only connect via MAC address from Winbox
2. Can't access either box via the web
3. Port 1 still set to WAN

With the RB260GSP, the opposite. Again added to the network
1. Can't access via MAC from Winbox, but can via IP and login via the browser

Any help appreciated. Looking at lots of videos :)
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Re: New User Questions

Fri Aug 23, 2019 12:28 pm

Hey, welcome on the forum.

hap ac
did you connect port 1 to your network. That port if in default config designated Wan, and firewalled. best would be to disable dhcp server on the bridge, within RouterOs, change the ip of the bridge and connect one of these port to your internal network.

which port did you use to connect? probably one of bridge ports? again disable dhcp server there.

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