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Can't Access RB2011 after initial setup

Thu Sep 05, 2019 8:04 am

I recently purchased a secondhand RB2011UiAS-2HnD-IN to replace a 5-port unmanaged switch on my home network. I have other MikroTik devices; the main home router is an hAP-ac and I have an RB3011 as a switch in an equipment rack with some specialty items, so I'm somewhat familiar with RouterOS and Winbox.

The unit powers up fine; when reset to factory defaults I can set my laptop to an IP address of and connect to it with no problem. It powers up in "Router" mode, and I need to use it as a downstream switch (and, eventually, extension Wi-fi access point), so I'm checking "Bridge" on the configuration and that it should acquire an IP address automatically (DHCP and gateway are upstream of Port 3). When I hit, "Apply", I lose connection with Winbox. That's expected, of course. I reset my laptop to automatic IP address, verify that it has acquired an address on the proper subnet, and refresh Winbox. In the "neighbors" screen the new RB2011 shows up with an IP address on the proper subnet. However, when I now try to connect to it, I get a "Failed to connect to 192.168.X.114" error message. Every time, even when I haven't set a password or created a new user login (default 'admin' & no password).

When set up in bridge mode the RB2011 works perfectly as a switch; everything downstream of it has connectivity back to the gateway/router and Internet. I just can't connect to it. I've tried resetting it to factory defaults a couple of times and trying again; same story every time. The frustrating thing is that I have another RB2011 acquired at the same time and from the same source which works perfectly...set it up as a bridge, then no problems connecting to it afterwards from any Winbox instance on the subnet. I've tried resetting the problem child to factory defaults again and using the exact same parameters, down to the password, which I used on the 'good' RB2011; still no change.

Both of the RB2011s were running RouterOS 6.45.3 when acquired. After initial setup, I immediately upgraded the 'good' unit to 6.45.5 with no issues. I'd like to upgrade the other one, but it doesn't "see" the DNS or gateway until it's in Bridge mode...and then I can't connect to it.

Suggestions are welcomed.
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Re: Can't Access RB2011 after initial setup

Fri Sep 06, 2019 12:28 am

My first suggestion will be, make sure Winbox version is 3.19

Then it sounds like you are doing config via quickset, suggest you don't and do config manually

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