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How to prevent lockout in bridged-switch AP setup?

Sun Sep 08, 2019 11:50 am


It happened twice that my devices lost the ability to connect to my MikroTik HAP AC/2 via WiFi. Currently I can only access the WebFig configuration page via WiFi so I have no way to debug what goes wrong. I want to be able to access the WebFig configuration page from my wired network to prevent getting locked out.

I configured my MikroTik HAP AC/2 as an access point in my existing network. It is attached to my modem/router which runs a DHCP server. The MikroTik receives its IP address from the modem/router and relays this to the devices connected on the MikroTick wired or wireless.

The problem I face however is that I can only enter the WebFig configuration on a WiFi connection. The default WebFig configuration page can be found on:
This page can unfortunately not be reached from devices connected directly to my modem/router.

How can I configure my network in such a way that wired devices can use the WebFig on the MikroTik?

The DHCP IP-range issued by my modem/router is ..
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Re: How to prevent lockout in bridged-switch AP setup?

Sun Sep 08, 2019 12:02 pm

You should set the hAP ac2's IP address to some address from your subnet. How to do it depends on how is hAP ac2 currently configured. Try to post complete config in text form, you can get it by executing command "/export hide-sensitive" inside a terminal window. And use [code] environment here, helps the readability.

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