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Simple Question - IP routes/DHCP Client

Sun Oct 06, 2019 2:59 am

Why is it on my recursive routes (fail over only, no load balancing), and more specifically in DHCP Client in combo with IP routes, that my primary WAN will switch to a secondary with no problem but cannot get back to the Primary when it comes back online. Both are dynamic IPs. THe secondary is cable and it seems automagically has no problem picking up the new gateway and new IP address in every circumstance and using them automatically in IP routes. However the primary is bell fibre and although when it comes back on line, the ISP connects to DHCP client, I have to manually pull the new gateway IP from the DHCP client Status page and plug that into the IP route config to get a working connection, once done it snaps into place as it has lower metric.
Before I head down the route of scripting to pull this information out of the DHCP client area, I want to make sure there is not an easier way.

In other words it appears that cable and bell fiber handle DHCP client connectivity differently. If memory serves me correctly, I can use in a basic ip route rule for gateway for cable and it connects but is not the case for bell fibre. I think the clue may be in that difference?
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