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Multi VLAN trunk with Router Service

Posted: Wed Oct 09, 2019 2:16 am
by penguinpages
I have a MikroTik CRS305-1G-4S+in

three servers with up-link to 24port 1Gb switch

By default the VLAN is 1 and management I set to 172.16.100.x/24 management IP for network.

Played around for a bit and came to conclusion I want to do following
1) Router mode (vs switch which was default)
2) All links to switch are "trunk allow VLAN all" so each physical interface has ONLY tagged packets and those are on each phyiscal port
3) VLAN 1 is left untagged but ONLY on the 1Gb RJ45 port with the default IP as a backup to "get in if something going bad"


I upgraded router, tried to put it into "router mode" and created VLANs that I think are all linked via "bridge"

In all other switch vendors I work with you define VLAN and bind those to be "tagged" on ports.

In this switch I am still trying to work out process. I did watch some you-tube videos but they are reflecting much older OS versions where UI does not match up or examples are port based VLAN.

One thing I have an issue with is that one server (server in port 3) keeps dropping off network and I found that the port flips from "RS" to "S" (I assume this means Router Vs Switch?? )

1) If goal is simply to create the five VLANs and bind IP to each and then set that VLAN tagged on all five interfaces, is there an example (CLI is fine an I think may be only way to do this)
2) Why does that one port keep flipping from RS to S and what does this mode change mean?
3) Are there any threads or examples of integration with KVM systems working OVS 2.9
4) Why can you not set MTU value on VLANs (I prefer 9k in that some of the VLANs are RDMA over IP and so it is required)
5) How do you run command in CLI to show all current saved / running configuration.. I poked around wiki but did not see this