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connect with OpenVPNClient

Fri Oct 18, 2019 1:46 pm


I just learnt that, much to my amazement, its claimed this can take an ethernet output from another router (in router mode, NOT in modem mode) and use that internet signal to connect to a VPN, that astonishes me because no ASUS router i have can do that.

Assuming this is the case, i want to know if by default it works with Open VPN Client, so I can connect to my ASUS RT-AC51U at home which is running as a Open VPNServer, and therefore take my home IP with me wherever I go? and have the outputs to my laptop, VOIP phone etc showing my UK IP?

Is this difficult to do out of the box with this model? ... ers&sr=1-3

I ask these questions because LibertyShield claim this one can do this with their VPN ... UTF8&psc=1
they say you dont need the other router in modem mode, just have the output of it go into the input of the MikroTik they have pre-configured and it'll work, so i want one that'll work with my own VPN, please advise :)
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Re: connect with OpenVPNClient

Fri Oct 18, 2019 9:17 pm


Communicating using your home ip is indeed possible. What you would need to ensure is that all traffic at the vpn client side is routed over the vpn / towards the vpn server endpoint.

Software functionality for all tiks is same, and so any tik can do that.

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