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Thu Nov 07, 2019 11:02 pm

Hey guys,

I have a question about something that I think it can be done but I rather ask before I buy all the equipment. I'm making a portable networking rig that I'm going to be using for my digital audio mixer.

I am thinking about buying wAP ac LTE kit so I could use internet over LTE. My idea is that this would only be failover WAN.

My system would consist of wAP ac LTE kit and a TP Link TL-SG105E switch to which I would like to connect all of my devices including the wAP ac LTE kit and WAN . I would like to setup one of the ports on the switch on separate VLAN for WAN and a port with two VLANs for wAp. Other 3 ports would be setup on VLAN used for LAN. Would it be possible to use wAP also as router with WAN switching in a system like this?

I hope I didn't complicate my explanation too much.


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