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Pyronix alarm center connection errors

Mon Dec 02, 2019 10:44 pm


I have a Pyronix PCX 46 APP. This is an alarm center with cloud support. This hardware is on the same subnet with computers, mobile phones... All devices have internet connection, firewall allow all connection to the WAN. Pyronix have an android app, Homecontrol+. With this software can i login to the alarm center over the cloud, i don't need port forward to the alarm center.
The problem: i can't use the app, while i restarted the router. When i restart, i can ONLY ONE TIME login. When i logged out, i can't login again. When i restart the router, i can login once again.
Alarm center ip:, mask:, gateway: (router ip is, dns:,

The traffic: after i restart the router, the alarm center ask "", this is CNAME, and the answer is one *****, and this A record have three IP Address.

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