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Thinking About an Upgrade

Sun Jan 12, 2020 10:39 pm

I’m getting ready to do some upgrades to my home network. Currently I have a 200/20 cable service with the MODEM running to a 4 port ac2600 router. One of those ports has an unmanaged switch w/media server & BlueRay player connected. The other ports are PCs & NAS. The WiFi is the typical phones, tablets, TVs etc.

The main reason for messing with this setup is that I want to add a 24/7 PC running Blue Iris for some IP cameras & enhanced security that’s suggested for that. I contemplated a nice 19” rack setup with 1U router, switch, PC etc. & maybe a UPS and 4 bay NAS to replace the old 2-bay. I’ll also replace the ac2600 with a WAP. The reality is, I don’t have a good place for the rack without a lot of extra work & the inevitable fan noise would likely be a problem. On to plan B.

Fanless i7 4/8 core mini-pc for BI and another i5 2/4 core as the router. I’d also need a managed switch or two. One would need to be PoE or I could go with injectors for the WAP & cameras. This should all stack nicely on a shelf in my closet where the home builder ran all the cat5, RG6 and alarm wiring.

The cost of those mini-pc routers has me considering Mikrotik routers instead, which leads me the the Mik switches as well. That would be a pretty cost effective solution, but IDK about the Mik routers vs the i5 stuff. I’m specifically looking at the hEX S, RB760iGS. My wifi uses WPA2-AES and the VPN for remote access to BI can use AES also. The hEX description says “IPSec hardware encryption support”, does that mean that it supports AES-NI? There are also references in the Mik docs regarding the hEX series “for locations where wireless connectivity is not required”. I assume that just means it’s not a wifi router... IDK. Is this thing going to play nicely with a Ubiquiti AP?

Router - Mikrotik hEX S, RB760iGS (Alt - Partaker I7 i5-7200U)
Switch(s) - Mikrotik RB260GS/RB260GSP
WAP - Ubiquiti UAP NanoHD
PC - Partaker B16, i7-8550U


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