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Odd Interface Behavior

Tue Oct 06, 2020 10:28 pm

Hello Everyone,

I'm posting today to see if you can give me a bit of insight on an odd issue.

I'm currently running a Mikrotik LtAP mini on 6.44.5. I have the WLAN1 configured as a station connected to my wireless network and I have a device connected via Ether1 getting a IP address. Among this, I have an active LTE connection. The purpose of this is to have traffic from my to hit resources in my Wireless network, which works and the LTE is a fail over IPSec Tunnel to my environment, incase the WiFi disconnects due to poor coverage, I want the LTE to take over and send traffic over the IPSec Tunnel. This all works to SOME degree.

My issue is when I'm running both WLAN1 enabled and LTE enabled, my LTE loses connectivity from external connections. I cannot winbox to it anymore through the LTE IP address. Once I disable the WLAN1 interface, the LTE becomes responsive again.


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