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Some help configuring a network.

Wed Oct 07, 2020 1:56 pm

Hello guys,

First of all im kinda new to networking. Will start a cisco course next month but anw i need help with some basic ideas from you :D

I have 3 routers installed at the office. this is the setup because the office is already built and there is 0 possibility to route cables through the office.
The first one(x) has static IP coming from the ISP then x connects with y(second tp link router for wifi boosting) then y connects via wifi with z(third mikrotik router) which is configured to share internet via ethernet ports. They have no switch and dont want to buy any equipment sooo. I connected the 4 main pc through Z. The printer is connected on ether3 of x router. How can i make a bridge of xyz so the printer(x) can connect to the pcs on Z ?

Thank you alot guys and hope to be more active here.

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