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Lost connectivity but DHCP still working

Wed Oct 07, 2020 2:30 pm

Hi there!
I am completely new to RouterOS, please excuse if my question is very basic. I have two wireless antennas running routeros which are supposed to work as a wireless bridge. I used to be able to connect to both devices using the Winbox software. One of the devices was configured as network bridge, the other one as router which I did not like, so I switched it to bridge mode in the quick settings as well. However, since then I am not able to connect using winbox.

My laptop computer is connected through the network interface - and funnily enough, I receive an IP address from that device via DHCP. Including a default gateway which I assume must be the antenna as there is no other devices on the same network at all (everything else is physically disconnected). I can ping the IP address, but I cannot connect via HTTP, HTTPS, SSH or telnet, also tried port 8080 - did neither work using the IP address nor using the MAC address.

Any suggestions on how I can restore connectivity would be very much appreciated!

Of course I rebooted the device, put the client computer in the same public network as the antenna interface was before etc - but without success.

Any suggestions on how to re-connect to my device?

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