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TCP "ACK" - Mark Connection or Packet?

Thu Oct 08, 2020 11:32 am

Still drafting my QoS and queuing rules. I want to prioritise small TCP packets whose function is solely to increment acknowledgement number. Is this a case where I should mark the Packet rather than Connection? Something like ..
add action=mark-packet chain=postrouting connection-mark="" new-packet-mark=TCP-ACK packet-mark="" packet-size=0-100 \
    passthrough=yes protocol=tcp tcp-flags=ack
Assuming that I understand "connection" correctly, to mean a flow identified by source and destination IP, protocol and port, My take is that marking the connection would then mark every packet in that TCP stream, or maybe none of them if the initial packet didn't match my flag and size parameters.

Thanks again, Tony S

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