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How to PtP with limit speed

Sat Oct 10, 2020 8:33 pm

Hey there!
I'm trying to make a connection Point to point for 15km, in this case I'm using a Dynadish 5 25dbi, I did a basic setup using QuickSet, configuration:

Point A (Emitter)
PTP Bridge AP
Wireless Protocol: nv2
IP Address:

Point B (Client)
PTP Bridge CPE
IP Address:

As basic it works, but I would like to implement a Routerboard hAp Lite, between Internet provider and Point A, and Point B and my second house, because want to limit speed in first house and limit WiFi speed in second house, the case is: How can I add Router Board hAp Lite? I watched a lot of videos to configurate as router, but I think I'm writing wrong ip in both points (emitter and client), what's the provider ip? The IP I use to access configuration of router? ( In case of point B (Client point) what's the ip? The IP I set in configuration of DynaDish?

Thanks for all.

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