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WiFi CPU usage (with and without CAPsMAN)

Thu Nov 05, 2020 2:50 pm

Hi, i noticed when using wireless connections (downloading files, speedtest) are using 80-100% of my hAP CPU.
First i thought i was miss-configuration, so i made backup and reset hAP to default settings, then only changed Quick Set - Home AP Dual to the same Name for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz + password but the problem remained. I found in other threads that wireless is always processed by cpu, as well as CAPsMAN manager forwarding is using CPU of manager device


Wired PCs
Laptop, phone on WIFi
Wired smart TV
WiFi Speakers

I tried:
1. Using only hAP

When testing speed (iperf3) between 2 wired PCs
Speed 920-980MBps, CPU load 3-8%

When testing speed (iperf3) between wired PC and Laptop on WiFi
Speed 40-90Mbps, CPU load 80-100% (wireless ~30%, firewall ~20%, bridging ~10%, ethernet ~10%, unclassified ~10%, other)

2. Using hAP only as CAPsMAN manager and cAP as AP

When testing speed (iperf3) between wired PC and Laptop on WiFi (Manager forwarding mode)
Speed 150-270Mbps, CPU load 60-80% (firewall ~20%, bridging ~20%, networking ~15%, ethernet 10%, other)

When testing speed (iperf3) between wired PC and Laptop on WiFi (Local forwarding mode)
Speed 200-350Mbps(my laptop limitation, on phone it is up to 656Mbps), CPU load up to 10%
But in this case i cannot control the traffic from cAP inside my local net by firewall rules hAP

Question 1: With CAPsMAN local forwarding is there way to control traffic form cAP(even with cAP firewall, it is supposed to be the only AP, so i can configure it manually)?
Question 2: Is it possible to connect cAP to hAP port and make cAP the only AP and process all WiFi traffic with own firewall and CPU (i has 4 cores vs hAPs 1 core) and then deliver it through ehternet port to hAP and go through hAP firewall (just like wired traffic between 2 wired PCs work)
Question 3: any other solutions to keep high wireless speed and not to load CPU at max when using wifi

P.S. If this hardware is not suitable for my problem, please advice other combinations (if possible not the most expensive MT products)

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