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Mikrotik with extended USB 4G dongle

Fri Nov 06, 2020 4:13 pm

Hello all.

I'm pretty new to networks and Mikrotik, but so far I'm loving it!

I have a little problem though, I had a working setup with a 4G dongle straight in the MT usb port.
Now reception is pretty bad here so I brought the dongle outside and used a usb extension cable. Thing is, as soon as I put anything between the dongle and the MT, internet will not work.
I tried an active usb cable (10m), a normal extension (3m) and both with a Y-power injector.

So now I have plugged the 10m active usb directly in to a pc, this works very well.
I thought I'd share the internet connection through this pc to the entire lan.
I cannot seem to get this to work either though. The other pc's still have access to my NAS over the lan, and even to the folders on the pc that has the internet. But internet does not get shared.

Just tried to ping - I can ping other pc's from the internet pc but I cannot ping the internet pc from others.

Does anyone know what I can do next?

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