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MAC Connectivity Access configuration

Sat Nov 07, 2020 1:57 am

Dear all,

I'm playing with my first Mikortik (RB4011).
I've erased the deault configuration and I've been following the configuration steps from the wiki: ... figuration

I've my router up and running with a simple and basic configuration (WAN interface + one bridge for the LAN). However I haven't been able to cofigure the 'MAC Connectivity Access' part of the guide.
When I tape into the command line '/tool mac-server disable 0;', it gives me the error 'bad command name disable (line 1 column 1)'.

In WinBox, when I go to 'Tools -> Mac Server window -> Telnet Interfaces' I don't see my bridge interface on the dropdown menu. The only thing I see is 'Allowed interface list: all, dinamic, none, static'.
What should I do?

I'm using the latest stable RouterOS 6.47.7.

Thanks in advance,

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