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Extending one port along with its vlan to another port

Fri Nov 13, 2020 8:24 am


I have this setup for a long time until the client decided to add more devices. Port 8 of RB1100 has been designated to bridge with another port to form non tagged VLAN0 (or 1). It was set up to accomodate Unifi access point. But then thinking I need to separate wifi for suppliers/clients, I equipped it with VLAN5 and 6. Everything is peachy until the big boss decided to have another access point in the warehouse with the same setting, separate wifi for suppliers/clients. Now, would any of experienced microtik man be able to give me an input in whether it is possible to bridge another port that will bridge existing vlans into it.

For now eth8 is on, vlan5 in eth8, vlan6 in eth8 I need to extend it to port 10 to put another access point with the same vlans.

Thank you in advance.


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