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Wifi WDS / Mesh setup - RB4011 and hAP ac

Sat Nov 14, 2020 11:05 pm

Hi, I've RB4011 and hAP ac. I need to extend the wifi range in the house but before I'm able to get cabling done I need to get it extended at least using wifi. I've a RB4011 as the main router & AP and I would like to extend the range using a hAP ac.

I've tried multiple tutorials but I'm unable to get it working. Can anyone please suggest dead simple steps how to approach this problem?

I've generally tried to start the setup of the RB4011 as a dual band router/AP. I've enabled WDS - dynamic mesh on the 2ghz wlan and used the default bridge or a custom mesh-interface as the WDS bridge. What's actually the right interface to be used as the WDS bridge? Can I actually use 2ghz to bridge RB4011 and hAP ac? And does this band then need to be dedicated only for the AP to AP communication? Do I need to specify the frequency explicitly on both APs or can I leave in auto? Shall the frequency match or differ? How am I supposed to connect the hAP ac to the WDS?

Thank you very much.

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