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travel router

Sun Nov 15, 2020 4:39 pm

Good day,

for long time i used a smal travel router.
simply plugin connect to the router. choose upstream wifi network. done.

however i want a litle bit more. so i found the MAP2nd and it looks promising.
after a lot of trial and error i got "something" working.
when i boot the device at home. it connect to the wifi and i can connect to its wifi.

however this weekend i was in an hotel and put it to the test.
power up the device...... and that is all there was happening.

I think (but was not able to confirm) the the router is waiting for the upstram wifi to choose the right wifi channel before it starts sending it own wifi.

so the question is. do i have the right device (and simply don't understand how to configure it)
my wishes are...
1. wan connection to cable or wifi.
2. lan network (with wifi and cable)
3. guest network (wifi only)
4. ipsec tunnel for the lan network to home.

i need to be able to configure the device from my mobile phone.(after the initial setup of course)
so without an upstream wifi network there should still be a lan wifi network availible.

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