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A beginners guide to VPN access from iOS?

Tue Nov 17, 2020 9:42 pm

Hi all,

I've gotten hold of my two first Mikrotik routers and I'm getting started learning RouterOS. I'd like to set up a simple VPN server that allows me to connect to the network over the Internet from iOS devices and possibly also laptops.

The network is dead-simple, with a single IP-range and standard NAT. The router has a publicly reachable IP. I'd like for the VPN clients to get an IP in the same pool as the rest of the clients, and they should be able to reach all resources on the network as if the client was connected to the local WiFi.

I've been Googling for the better part of two hours but I cannot find a wholesome guide that will tell me exactly what I need to setup. The tips on the Mikrotik Wiki simply do not work ("VPN server did not respond" on my iOS device).

Does anybody have a link to a complete and working guide to setting up a very simple VPN from iOS to RouterOS?

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