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Static routes from Mikrotik router to TP link router

Wed Nov 18, 2020 5:55 pm


I recently set up Internet on Mikrotik 750 iGS and create PPPOE user and configure to TP-link router successfully.

Here is the structure of my connectivity.

Mikrotik default IP:
PPPOE User1:

TP-Link router default IP: (configured with PPOE user1 successfully and have internet access)
DHCP range: -

So far everything is working fine. The thing I want to do is to ping from the MikroTik's terminal. Basically, I want to establish a route from Mikrotik to tp-link' LAN.
Please help me with this. I hope you guys can understand my concern.

In Other words:

Here is my Network Structure.

The thing I want to do is to access from the laptop on 4g internet with VPN connected. I can access (tp-link router page) successfully over the VPN and as well all local IP range of TP-link router but I am unable to connect the (Mikrotik router page).

Any solution to that?

Best Regards

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