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could not determine local IP address

Wed Nov 18, 2020 9:07 pm

I am facing this problem from last many days .. problem is
PPPoE connection established from 5C:26:1A:6a:00:cC
userlogged in, from 5C:26:1A:6a:00:cC
<pppoe-user> detect UNKNOWN
<pppoe-user>: authenticated
<pppoe-user>: terminating... - could not determine local IP address
userlogged out, 0 84 56 5 5 from 5C:26:1A:6a:00:cC
<pppoe-user>: disconnected

i am using mikrotik RB 4011 router and authenticate my user from dma radius manager,
i already configured local ip in ppp profile but still problem is there.

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