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VPN slowdown on next computer

Fri Nov 20, 2020 12:54 pm

I have bougth 2 Microtik routers for home premises.

First one RB951G-2HnD, is connected to CabTV router over LAN. This is entry point for internet. Some home appliances are connected to AP over WIFI of this one.
Second one is Mikrotik RB941 hAP, which is configured as wifi bridge. hAP is connected to first one, and offering LAN network to far distance rooms in my home. (where WIFI AP signal coverage is low or none). Incomming internet to house is declared as 100Mbit download / 30Mbit for uplink.

This is ok :
I have several devices like IoT, smartphones, tablets and my work laptop - everything works fine on AP. With company notebook I am connected over Wifi, even I can work connected to company VPN or Z-scaler that is kind of protection for browsing. I achieve pings below 8ms and speeds 35Mbit download and above 10mbit for upload over Wifi.
(my notebook -> wireless -> AP RB951 -> CabTV router -> city network -> provider...)

This is trouble :
Another wife|s laptop is connected to LAN in far distance room, where AP Wifi signal is weak.
Usually on this laptop I measure weaker performance in LAN and internet connection. VPN is very poor.
Without VPN, I achieve pings 15-28ms and below 20Mbit download, upload below 10Mbit.
When company VPN is started (it is different VPN, different company), then pings worse above >30ms and download/upload is about 2mbit/s.
(notebook -> 100Mbit LAN -> RB941 (bridge) -> wireless -> AP RB951 -> CabTV router -> city network -> provider...)

- network topology is described as above
- RB951 acts as DHCP offering for clients
- I did not change IPsec settings and did not change Firewall rules.
- AP RB941 is on good place, with good Wifi signal.
- I can monitor RB941 only from webfig by RB951, but RB941 I cannot connect anymore. After switching to bridge mode, and even RB952 acts as DHCP, then it is somewhere in network.

3 Questions :-)
1) What can I do for improving my wife|s notebook connection to internet? and especially for their company VPN ?
2) How can I connect over web config to RB941 hidden in my network ?
3) How I can disable Wifi Guest acess on RB951G AP ?

Thanks you

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