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MikroTik SXT and DHCP with the Ubiquiti Network/USG

Posted: Thu Dec 24, 2020 8:49 am
by Keir

For a while I’ve been meaning to sort something out on my network and decided this holiday break would be a good time but I have run into an issue and could use some help.

I have an interest in networking and a necessity to learn more about it because of where I live (rural) and my setup.

The TL:DR is that I’d like to move the DHCP from my MikroTik SXT (running RouterOS 6.45.1 - the check for updates in WinBox gives a DNS error and I tried doing it via the terminal which claimed to have downloaded an update and rebooted but was still on 6.45.1) to my Ubiquiti Security Gateway.
The SXT is a great piece of kit and has been working well but is definitely something I need some help with!

I have had a thorough look online and tried a few things but haven’t had much success so far ([viewtopic.php?p=829745](viewtopic.php?p=829745) for example).

The MikroTik definitely feels like something for more advanced users when it comes to configuration.

The MikroTik SXT that I have had two SIM slots, both of which I use and I swap via a Terminal command I run through WinBox and so being able to continue doing that would be ideal. I currently have it setup with the configuration that it was supplied with and so it comes with eth1 bridged with the LTE connection. I can run a cable to the second ethernet port if necessary as I have read that some people use that as a management port and also I can run a cable and connect something to that when I need to swap between the SIM’s (fortunately infrequently) (may not be a bad idea anyway as I’ve lost the ability to connect until I get on the roof later to reset it - I’ll be running a second cable to eth2 as well).

As I mentioned I know a bit about networking but definitely not enough to know how to get this working and so if anyone is able to spell it out for me as I am out of my depth with the SXT, that would be much appreciated!

Everything on the USG seems straight forward with regards to setting up the DHCP so I am fairly certain that my problem relates to the configuration on the SXT.

I don’t know if you need any more information but if you do then let me know!

Thanks and Happy Holidays!


Re: MikroTik SXT and DHCP with the Ubiquiti Network/USG

Posted: Tue Jan 05, 2021 12:39 am
by Keir
Thought I'd give this a little bump what with the holidays and everything!

If anyone is able to help, it would be really appreciated! :-)