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Exhausted many attempts to get LT2P/IPSec VPN setup to work with iOS 14 Iphone

Fri Dec 25, 2020 2:13 am


I've gone through at least 20 different tutorials, the wiki, watched countless videos and I've managed to accomplish zilch. All I have is a basic home setup and want a VPN for my phone to connect to. Starting from a reset configuration, default firewall, reset password for the main login and this setup makes me happy for my general needs.

I've yet to find any kind of setup guide that works for my iphone 11 max pro w/ iOS 14 to my hEX RB750Gr3 router. What I've been doing is "quickset" enable vpn and setting password. using the to use as the server address on my phone. Nothing. Went throug the PPP with the profiles, the secrets, the IPsec settings, making sure the L2TP server is active with the right settings. I get nothing.

My phone responds with "The L2TP-VPN Server did not respond. Try reconnecting. If the problem continues verify your settings or contact your administrator"

I've even setup a firewall to forward vpn incoming connections and made sure it was setup. So Here I am with a fresh reconfig, just reset the password and I'm reaching out for help for what exact steps should be taken. I've exhausted 2 days over this without success.

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