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hAP ac2 as VPN router with advanced routing

Tue Dec 29, 2020 11:29 pm


Could you please explain me how to implement the scenario below? I would be really appreciated this.

1. hAP ac^2 accepts connections only over wireless network @2GHz. All clients are in subnet.
2. ISP router accepts connections over wireless network @5GHz. All clients are in subnet.
3. hAP ac^2 connects to ISP router over wireless network @5GHz for uplink.
4. hAP ac^2 establishes VPN client connection using PPTP / L2TP / OpenVPN to "".
5. hAP ac^2 is tunneling traffic from wireless clients to ISP router and reach VPN server somewhere outside in the Internet.
6. hAP ac^2 wireless clients bypass VPN tunnel for and connects to IPs.

Any help welcomed.
Thank you.

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