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Enable winbox via api

Thu Dec 31, 2020 1:54 am

My inlaws have a network setup which uses a 960pgs (HEX S POE) as the main router and a pair of mikrotik WAPs controlled by CAPsMAN. The firmware on it appears to be a custom version of RouterOS from a company called Currently it is running 6.47.7, the Model number in Webfig shows as CIS-960pgs. They also have a pair of the Mikrtotik WAPs.

WinBox port and ssh are disabled based on port scan. Webfig is enabled, but only shows a subset of the total options.
The API is also enabled.

I was hoping to get the current config downloaded before I attempt to put it back to a stock Mikrotik firmware to make future patching easier (Likely will have to do a netinstall). To do this I was hoping to enable winbox or ssh via the api.
I am looking for a suggestion on how to enable the winbox service via the API.

Alternatively, if I can get a way to dump the current config via the API it would help.

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