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howto create a trunk between mikrotik & mikrotik

Sun Jan 03, 2021 12:37 am

Does anybody know if i am able to create a trunk (that's what they call it on a cisco 2960G switch) between 2 mikrotik routers with the same 6.46.4 OS on it?
Is there a simple command i could enter on the commandline??
i would like to transport 3 vlan's with name/number 10, 20 & 30 over on 1gb interface between 2 mikrotik routers.

Allso is there a sample config anywhere between a cisco 2960G switch and a mikrotik router with Router OS 6.46.4?

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Re: howto create a trunk between mikrotik & mikrotik

Sun Jan 03, 2021 2:46 am

The answer is YES for your trunk.( and yes its compatible too with Cisco trunks too(and other vendors), not just MT->MT )
There are at least 2 ways of achiving it and depending on your mikrotik's hardware(e.g Rb vs CRS) there are a couple of different ways to configure it to do the same thing( One being hardware offloading ( CRS series can do that ), or RB( depending on the switch chip used), the configs are close, but not the same for best performance. If you have an older RB with no hardware offload on the chip, you rely on the power of the CPU to do the bulk of the work moving packets/frames around for a trunk.
CCR generally uses CPU to process vlans, as they are more designed around BGP & IP traffic routing, rather than layer2 stuff(not saying you cant, but its not the target focus of that product )

CRS 1xx series -> ... s_examples
CRS 3xx series -> ... s_switches
In General - > ... s_Ports.29

If your looking to do a trunk over wifi -> ... VLAN_Trunk

You can stack vlans onto an interface, that will work, but the PREFERED and more CPU efficient is using a single bridge, bonding your interface ports to the bridge, adding in vlans (tagged/untagged) to the intreface( all in the bridge menu), then enabling VLAN filtering at the end of the config process. But remember depening on what switch chip is in the front end of the interface port of your device, you may be able to fully hardware offload(wire speed) the process. You configure that in the switch menu !-> ... ip_Features

If all else is doing ya head in(and is compatible between all MT/RoS configs, and is not necessarily the best performance depending on what hardware you have)) look at -> ... witch_chip
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Re: howto create a trunk between mikrotik & mikrotik

Sat Jan 16, 2021 4:06 pm

Here is an article I wrote to make Cisco to MikroTik VLAN trunking easier. ... and-vlans/
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