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Newbie problems MikroTik RBSXTR and Haewei B535

Tue Jan 05, 2021 6:24 pm

Hello gurus,

I live in a rural location and have always struggled for internet speed. A company installed a MikroTik RBSXTR to the roof last year and tied me into a contract with a 4G provider by inserting the SIM card into the equipment on the roof, so I imagine I have an LTE interface up there as well.

The time has come to end my contract as I am really sick of the slow speeds and non-existent connection.

I have ordered a Haewei 4G Router B535 which will allow me to switch the SIM card.

If I wanted to connect the external MikroTik dish to the router what would I need to do to the configuration for the MikroTik equipment? I am hugely out of my depth here and really need your guidance.

My networking is average at best, I know how to access devices etc but the MikroTik admin panel is really daunting and I really don’t know what needs to change and whether the company who installed it still have their connection settings in there.

It’s like I just want to use it as an extension to my router for a better signal but actually want to disable the onboard router and LTE connection?

I hope that makes sense and sorry for probably not explaining myself properly!

Thank you in advance to anyone who can help.

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