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RB4011 Inter VLAN speed

Thu Jan 07, 2021 9:21 pm

I've just bought an RB4011 and a CRS305 to move some of my homelab to 10G. Basically the CRS is handling the high bandwidth boxes, 10G to the 4011 and then other ports on the 4011 are lower bandwidth devices. I've got a couple of VLANs on either dedicated ports or trunk ports.

I've got everything working but I'm a little underwhelmed by the inter VLAN speed, seems to top out at about 950Mbps. I think this is because fasttrack is not working, I don't see the counters increasing. As I understand to run a Router On Stick on the 10G port I need to enable vlan-filtering on the bridge but all the documentation says that this disables fasttrack.

Am I stuck with no fasttrack or can I do 10G inter-vlan with fast track working?
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Re: RB4011 Inter VLAN speed

Fri Jan 08, 2021 4:19 pm

You should get 10G speed between the SFP+ port on the 4011 and a similar SFP+ port on a switch, at least thats theory?
The issue is what is supplying the 4011 with 10G on the other end.
I would think you can only go as fast as your weakest link........ aka internet is 1gig, then traffic to 10G will be no more than 1 gig.
Traffic to a destination on the other 4011 ports can only be 1 gig so back and forth over the 10Gig would be thusly limited.
However, the10GIG would allow a combination of traffics up to 10Gig to pass through the port.

So lets say approx 1 gig through internet assuming 1 session and then lets say another 5 ports all tx/rcv at about 5gigs........ All going through the SFP+ port which should be showing something like 6gigs of traffic. At least to my mind this is how it could work......... Of course llama's are really good guessers at least 50% of the time LOL.
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