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Bell WTTH / WHI help! Mikrotik Hex S . No ppoe needed

Sat Jan 09, 2021 8:42 pm

Hey I’m somewhat tech savvy but this is driving me crazy

I have a new Hex S

I want to ditch my router and my Poe injector and use just the hex S

The antenna on my roof has a SIM card and it does the ppoe login and everything.

If you connect the ethernet cable from the Poe injector into bell or your own router all you have to do is vlan id tag 35 the wan and boom internet. If you don’t tag it doesn’t even detect any activity. Once you vlan tag the antenna on the roof gives the device an ip. Antenna is powered by Poe.

My own router I just vlan id tag 35 on the wan and it works.

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to use port 5 on my hex S (which has Poe out for power) and vlan tag the port for wan

I can set wan to eth5 and set Poe power to auto or on

I can create a vlan1 interface and tag it 35 and make the created vlan1 use eth5 connection

I have changed the dhcp server set to the vlan1 , or eth5

I’ve tried to disable the eth5 and just use the vlan1 that’s running on it.

(First step I did was remove eth5 from the bridge as it’s going to be used as wan)

Please help. I’m going crazy over here lol

This connection 100% needs no login info of any kind. Just Poe power and vlan tag 35 for the antenna/LTE hub thing on my roof to issue an IP

Thanks guys!
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Re: Bell WTTH / WHI help! Mikrotik Hex S . No ppoe needed

Tue Jan 12, 2021 12:25 am

Starting with the standard config it should be:
Remove ether1 from the WAN interface list
Remove ether5 from the bridge
Add a vlan to ether5 with ID 35, you can name it something more representative than vlan1 e.g. vlan35
Add the vlan to the WAN interface list
Change the DHCP client interface to the vlan (instead of ether1)
Enable PoE on ether5
Optionally add ether1 to the bridge if you wish to have four LAN ports.

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