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RouterOS password not working in SwOS?

Mon Jan 11, 2021 6:17 pm

I've had a CRS305 for about 9 months now. I don't need router functionality so I set it to boot to SwOS. All seemed good, it's been working perfectly fine.

I'm troubleshooting an issue I'm having (unrelated to the switch specifically) with 10GB NICs so wanted to login to the SwOS and set some MTUs, but when I try to login it says the password is wrong. I save all my passwords in a password manager so I was surprised, but after trying several other passwords it just didn't work. I reset the rest back to default (as there's really no config on there except 2 VLANs) and went into RouterOS to set it up again. gave it a static IP and all the usual basic details, changed the default password and added the VLANs. All good. Then I swapped it to SwOS and rebooted. Since then I can't access the GUI any more as it tells me the password is incorrect and I know it isn't. I copy and pasted the password when I set it and trying the exact password again doesn't work with the same incorrect password message. I've tried a blank password (the default) but that still isn't working. I could reset it again but this configuration doesn't seem right.

Any ideas?

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