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Manage remote Mikrotik via OVPN-Connection

Tue Feb 09, 2021 1:05 pm

we have connected some mikrotik hAP with our central CHR. All works fine, but I can't manage the hAP from the central Office.
I can see the firewall rule has traffic, but the connection does not work. In the log I can see " Input: in:ovpn-server out:(unknow 0),proto TCP(SYN),172.16.104,112->, len 52 "

I think it can't find the out-interface. How can I set the out-interface? If I try to set it on the firewall rule I get the message "Couldn't change FirewallRule <xxxxxxxxxxxxx> outgoing interface matching not possible in input and preroutingchains (6) "

The same Rule on the CHR let me manage the central router from home. Where is my fault?

Thanks Jens

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