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NordVPN split tunnel

Wed Feb 10, 2021 12:59 pm

Could please somebody point me out to right path? I have basic experience with Mikrotik and as I am learning through I am currently testing NordVPN on my device. I have configured router (RB 750G r3, firmware 6.49 ) based on official manual ... ordVPN.htm. NordVPN is working OK for IPs which I have defined in my local list to go through NordVPN tunnel. I also have several VLANs configured and I noticed that they become unaccessible from local IP which is listed to go through NordVPN. All traffic even local one is routed to NordVPN tunnel. Is there any chance to split traffic in a way that my local IP addresses will not be routed over NordVPN tunnel and rest of the traffic will go to NordVPN? Second question is how is with security? I am a bit confused here as long as this NordVPN tunnel does not create interface where I can apply FW rules.. Is my local network exposed from traffic incoming from the tunnel? or it is dropped? Any ideas appreciated ;)

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