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Using wireless interfaces on bridge mode mikrotic hAP AC2

Mon Feb 15, 2021 1:48 am

Hello everyone. Want to get understanding of how does things work. I hope you will help me. Thank you for any advices or links to useful posts. By the way, i have read a lot of different information about my oculus connection spikes and bridge set up, but still can't make everything work 100% correct.

I have next setup:
Huawei RT-GM-2 as main router (it's provided by internet provider, so i can't replace it) and Mikrotik hAP AC2 as bridge. My PC is connected to mikrotik,
First of all, i've connected lan1 port of RT-GM-2 to wan port of mikrotik and set all traffic forwarding from RT-GM-2 to mikrotik.
Mikrotik was used as router with it's own DHCP server, so i've ended up with 2 networks and it was ok for me until last days. I've disabled wifi interfaces on RT-GM-2 and was using mikrotik as my router. All the devices: wired and wireless were connected to it. RT-GM-2 here is just an optical fiber converter.

I've bought myself oculus quest 2 and it looks like hAP AC2 is absolutely not suitable for VR streaming purpose. Despite the fact that the signal strength is great and there is no more devices connected to 5GHZ interface, no noise, no conflicting channels and other problems, i have frequent stuttering (about once in 10 seconds) which make playing process very uncomfortable.
The first question is - does hAP AC2 really suitable for streaming VR (it's just me missing some sensitive configuration?) or i should forget trying set up hAP AC2 for my oculus quest 2?
As you see, i did not find any working solution, so i've come to idea to connect oculus to RT-GM-2.
For that i've switched my hAP AC2 to bridge mode so my PC and oculus quest connected to RT-GM-2 appeared in the same network.
This worked for me, but here comes question #2. My mikrotik Wifi interfaces stopped to work. I see them in connection list, but there is no internet when i connected to them.
Should they work separately or they somehow started to extend RT-GM-2 wifi network?

I want to connect all my devices except Oculus quest to mikrotik and use RT-GM-2 only for streaming. But i still need to have one local network so all my devices were with ips: 192.168.0.*
I'm sorry for dumb questions, but i really missing some basic understanding about bridge mode. There is a lot of information about connection routers via wireless bridge, but there is nothing about wifi interfaces when bridge is wired.
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Re: Using wireless interfaces on bridge mode mikrotic hAP AC2

Tue Feb 16, 2021 12:49 am

I would say that MT wifi devices in general are 'marketed as wifi 5' but have never achieved proper results in speed and stability.
For example the TPLINK EAP245 is wifi5 and works great (stable and reaches the speeds it should).
However for occulus rift one would have to check what WIFI client capabilities it has to decide whether or not to go for WIFI 6, (tp link eap620 and 660)

On second thought, all occulus products DONT USE WIFI, they use a usb cable to a computer..................
Recommend wired all the way.
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Re: Using wireless interfaces on bridge mode mikrotic hAP AC2

Tue Feb 16, 2021 6:21 pm

Thank you for your reply!
Already bought myself tp-link archer ax73. Works just perfect. Also have very stable VR stream. So if hAP AC2 is just a bad solution for my task, we can close this topic.

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