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CRS354 Bonding questions

Wed Feb 17, 2021 4:00 pm

Hi all, new guy here learning Mikrotik products. I purchased a CRS354 and a couple CSS series switches to deploy in the relatively near future. I'm familiar with Cisco, HP, Nortel, and TP-Link managed switch configuration, but as we all know Mikrotik is sort of a world unto its own (not a bad thing!).

My first questions here involve interface bonding. Basically, I'd like to do 802.3ad LACP bonding on the CRS354, but I read some older posts that seemed to indicate it would impact CPU performance. However, this page indicates that since version 6.42 this is no longer an issue. I just wanted to confirm that I could indeed do 802.3ad bonding on the CRS354 without impacting CPU performance.

Also, I haven't dug into SwOS yet, but I'm assuming that I have the same general options for interface bonding there, correct?

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