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RBwAPG-60adkit Static IP address issue

Thu Feb 18, 2021 3:22 am

Hi, I' pretty new to these devices, although we have 3 of these units currently operating, (I wasn't involved in the setup of the other units), I'm unbale to set static IP address on the units. The default IP address they come with is and .8. I need to change these to and 14. When I connect to the unit (via web interface), I can make the changes (change the IP, Subnet, gateway DNS, and Router Identity,,,, and click apply configuration. Sometimes the IP will stick, but the gateway will either go blank, or, other times the IP will default to If I manage to get the IP setting to stick, (which can be a result of simple trail and error) then I am still unable to ping the device on the network, even after rebooting. If I fire up Winbox, I can see the IP's I have allocated, but I still unbale to connect to the via winbox via IP, only via MAC address. I have googled this lots and tired different things, but unless I reset the config on the units, I am unable to communicate with these unless they are on the default IP address. (I even tired setting the IP via the IP/address section under the WebFig section, but this again makes no difference.

Any help appreciated.


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