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Stuck at initial config to connect two hAP ac^2

Sat Feb 20, 2021 7:54 pm

My Goal is to extend my Network with a second hAP ac^2.
My Problem is whatever I try in the configs of both routers I can't get a connection.

First a explanation of my Setup:
Trash Modem ----- hAP(1) ----- hAP(2)
I get my Internet from a hot pile of garbage I setup to run in Bridge mode. So basicly the provider modem only converts from Cable to RJ45.
hAP(1) is my main router. It is connected to the Modem on eth1 has a bridge from eth 2-5 + wifi, working nat between eth1 and the bridge and last but not least DHCP Client and Server running.
hAP(2) is my new router and the only thing I setup is bridge over all ports + wifi and DHCP Client on bridge. It is connected from hAP(1) eth2 to hAP(2) eth1.

Problem in detail:
eth2 on hAP(1) and eth1 on hAP(2) both switch between active and disabled about every second. So I assume they see each other but they can't build up a proper connection. My ethernet cable is tested and I get connections if I plug in a PC instead of hAP(2) or if I plug in a cheap chinese AP. So I'd say it has to be a misconfiguration.

If needed I can provide exports of my Configs.
Thanks in advance :)

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