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Impossible to access router's UI in CPE mode

Sun Feb 21, 2021 5:16 am

I am a total newbie to RouterOS. So please have some patience and mercy.
Using Quick setup screen I set the device to the CPE mode and connected it to another AP (not a Mikrotik device) choosing Bridge mode. After that my router is inaccessible neither by web-ui nor Winbox. It has no IP-address but Winbox not showing its MAC-address in its list of devices either. The PC connected to my router through ethernet cable not receiving any IP-address as well, but the AP (the one that's not a Mikrotik device) actually has DHCP-server functioning well. However, setting static IP-address settings on the PC evinces that the bridging is actually working pretty well (in fact, I writing this message here using that connection).
How do I access my hAP device _without_ factory reset? Is it a bug that I stumbled upon or an intended behaviour?

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