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Router O.S Question

Fri Oct 12, 2007 6:23 pm

I am trying to investigate some features on the interface-wireless-advanced page on winbox. Can someone tell me the functions of the following.. Ack-timeout, perodic calibration, and disconnect timeout. I am interested in knowing what these features can do for me. Any suggestions?
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Re: Router O.S Question

Fri Oct 12, 2007 9:02 pm

Hi there....

Ack timeout I can explain (though I am sure the other gurus out there will do it better or put me back on track) but the others I cant. Perhaps someone else can elighten both of us.

So, ACK Timeout.

When a packet of data leaves a network device, whether it is wireless, fiber copper or whatever, there is a delay (however small) before it gets to the other end. When the packet gets to the other end, the device must reply to that packet saying OK I got that packet successfully. This process of replying to the sending device is called the acknowledgement or ACK.

So for example, a packet leaves my network card, travels over the CAT5 cable to my switch. When the packet is received successfully the switch replies to the network card and says OK i got the packet, now please send the next one. For more on thie check CSMA/CD in wikipedia.

Now why this setting in WiFi?

Well, wireless networks have to cope with a lot of environmental effects that are not there in a copper cable. and also they work over longer distances than the 100M of copper.

So if you have a wireless link between your laptop and the access point the distances are short enough for the packet to leave the AP get to the Laptop in a more or less normal ethernet time. So the Laptop replies in good time.

Now if you have a long point to point wireless link you may find that when a packet leaves one device it takes so long to get to the other end that the original sending device says to itself, I didnt get the aknowledgement so I had better retry sending the packet, and so on until no data passes.

So the ACK timeout feature you can adjust to allow the devices to wait a bit longer before resending the packet.

Ok, I hope that is A; accurate and B: simple enough to understand.

So can someone else outhere eplain the others?

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