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Hardware Compatibility

Tue Oct 23, 2007 6:55 pm


i try to find out which motherboards routeros can run on. i have seen the wiki and the "Supported Hardware" but that does not really help since it only has information about specific boards. is there a list of compatible chipsets and ethernet controllers somewhere ? i am basically looking for an ATX motherboard with at least 4 PCI slots for a P4 and 512 mb RAM and IDE controller which can boot from a IDE/Compact Flash adapter. the board should not be a discontinued product since those boards are hard to come by.

any help would be very welcome.

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Re: Hardware Compatibility

Thu Oct 25, 2007 2:22 pm

you can check what hardware (specific chipsets) has one or another mentioned motherboard and choose accordingly, if you can you can take cf-IDE adapter antr try to boot RouterOS in place and see does it work or not
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Re: Hardware Compatibility

Fri Oct 26, 2007 9:47 am

If you want the onboard ethernet chip to work, avoid desktop motherboards. Especially ones with Nvidia chipsets as those ethernet ports are generaly not supported. I have had success with server motherboards from Tyan or Supermicro. The boards with Intel chipsets have good support as most Intel ethernet ports are supported. I have been running a Tyan Tomcat i7230A (S5160) board for since last summer with no issues.

If you happen to get a motherboard that has no IDE or the IDE isn't supported, you can use SATA instead if you are running RouterOS 3.0. I know of at least 2 vendors selling SATA to CF adapters, ADDonics Technologies & ACS .

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