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Giving clients Public IP addresses

Fri Dec 28, 2007 1:16 am

This should be easy, but every setup I have tried doesn't seem to work.

I have two class C public subnets and I am trying pass some public IP's along to my clients.

I am currently using the 1:1 NAT methodology, and it is working...for now.

I am seeing more and more requests to be removed from the 1:1 nat solution and be given full public IP addresses.

I have searched around the forums and have not really found a suitable answer. Can anybody provide a link or example?

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Re: Giving clients Public IP addresses

Fri Dec 28, 2007 7:49 pm

This really depends on your configuration. proxy-arp may help, but not a good solution personally. This may be a question for a MT consultant
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Re: Giving clients Public IP addresses

Sun Dec 30, 2007 2:20 pm

Hi McFrosty, Proxy-arp in my PPPoE server work fine! Add IP-pool of your public address range to customer profile

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx example: create pool: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

[xxx@PPPoE Server] ip pool> add name=pool_1
[xxx@PPPoE Server] ip pool>
[xxx@PPPoE Server] ip pool> print
0 pool_1
[xxx@PPPoE Server] ip pool>

xxxxxxxxxxxxxx Add pool to profile xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

[xxx@PPPoE Server] ppp profile>add 0 remote-address=pool_1
(where "0" is the number of your actual customer profile).

[xxx@PPPoE Server] ppp profile>
[xxx@PPPoE Server] ppp profile> print
Flags: * - default

0 name="profile PPPoE" local-address=1x.xx.x0.5 remote-address=pool_1
use-compression=default use-vj-compression=default use-encryption=required
only-one=default change-tcp-mss=default

[xx@PPPoE Server] ppp profile>

xxxxxxxxxxxxx Enable Proxy-arp on WAN port xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

[xxx@PPPoE Server] interface ethernet> set *WAN PORT NUMBER* arp=proxy-arp
[xxx@PPPoE Server] interface ethernet>


Masquerade NAT rule MUST be disabled!!!!



PS: TNX to CMIT, he have explained me these settings some time ago!

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