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PPPoE fundamentals

Fri Jun 13, 2008 1:31 am

I've set up several PPPoE connections over ethernet from a subscriber's PC running Windows XP to a MT CPE which seemed to work, but one I tried to set up yesterday refused to work and I'm baffled as to what was happening. Can anyone put me right?

I create a PPPoE server on the CPE's ethernet interface with a service name and a profile which sets the local address on the ethernet interface. Windows XP's PPPoE client accesses the server with a user-name and password, also referencing the service. The PPPoE server passes the request to User-Manager acting as a RADIUS server which checks the user-name and password, and issues an address to XP's client on the same network as the CPE's local address, setting up a default route at the same time.

This usually seems to work, but yesterday it refused to do so and checking the IP address list I found that although the PC's LAN had the correct address dynamically, the network entry in the IP address table was something totally bizarre and completely unrelated to any other network. The broadcast entry was blank.

Checking later with PPPoE connections that are running I noticed that the correct address has been dynamically allocated to the PC's LAN interface but the 'network' entry was simply the address of the other end of the link and again the 'broadcast' entry was blank.

This doesn't seem right, but I haven't been able to find anyway of allocating a netmask to either the 'local' address of the PPPoe server or of the address allocated to the PC.

Anyone help?

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