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Help, newbie with queue.....

Wed Apr 06, 2011 4:06 pm

Hi, I made a test: a RB433 with 2 ethernet ports ( and to connect my two notebooks.
I tried to copy a file (about 300MB) from a netbook to the other.
when copying file I have the ether1-2 status:

ether1 - Tx=64.6 Mbps Rx=1257 kbps
ether2 - Tx=1257 kbps Rx=64.6 Mbps
Ok, I understand I'm copying file.

I would like to know what amount of data moved (in the future I will make a script to monitor this); but actually I would like just limit speed.

I've found examples how to use simple queues (I hope this would be the right way, I'm sorry, I don't speak english so well, so I could misunderstood.....)

I made simple queue as reported on examples on wiki:

1) I can see traffic (in traffic tab of "queue1") only if I set "bridge1" as interface on Advanced tab, but I have traffic also when not copying files (Rx = 11kbps, Tx = 20 kbps)
2) if I select ether1 as interface (I want limit speed on this interface at 64k) I have no traffic on Traffic tab. Why this?

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