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Mikrotik Routerboard 4.33 + DHCP Server

Sun Nov 27, 2011 4:11 pm

Hello guys, i have bought the RB750g and i want to install it into a network.

My network has one dsl modem/router, 3 ubnt unifis, and 2 ubnt NanoStation M2 loco.

My dsl router (thomson 585v7) is my dhcp server at the moment ( for the whole network, but every time it reaches 25-30 IPs no more clients can connect!
All 3 unifis and all computers in the network are connected through dhcp server, because it's a public network.

I want to disable the dhcp server of the dsl router and place the rb750g after the router to give IPs to the network. Will it become more stable? How to solve this problem with IPs assigned by DHCP?

What i'm thinking is to set Thomson with its IP, one ethernet port as gateway to thomson, and all the other ports as switch to the gateway (dsl router). After that i want to make Mikrotik my only DHCP server in the network. This will make my network stable, right?

thank you in advance,
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Re: Mikrotik Routerboard 4.33 + DHCP Server

Sun Nov 27, 2011 11:53 pm

I think you need to set up the Thompson in a brigde mode, so you only use dsl modem. RB750G comes with a standard set up, but be aware that the firewall is very simple and should be enhanced. Look for some standard set up here on the board.

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