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Unmetered data and PPPoE

Tue Feb 28, 2012 11:48 am

Hi all

I am trying to work out a solution where I use freeradius / DMA softlabs + microtik PPPoE to replace kerio control.

My current kerio control software allows me to exclude certain IP addresses from the data that gets counted. This means I can offer my subscribers unmetered websites that dont count towards their monthly data gigabytes.

So i was looking on these forums and saw a suggestion of a script and need to know if this is possible.

The PPPoE client runs off the radius server and counts traffic as per normal.
But any traffic to certain websites gets routed out a seperate WAN2 connection on the microtik.
Then a script runs every 5 mins and counts the data that passes between each pppoe client session and the wan2 - then sends a command back to the radius server to refund the traffic.

So traffic on normal websites goes via WAN1 and gets counted, but anything that goes out via WAN2 gets refunded against the users data usage every 5 mins.

Does anyone think this is possible?

I am new to microtik so i might need to pay someone to write the script for me.
:D There is no place like localhost :D

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